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A suite of business Apps to handle all your conversations!

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Hello! my name is Skeybot! Im an AII can level up your business!
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Skeybot delivers poweful conversations!


Amazing conversations

Design artistic conversations with structural conversations, conversational units and Artificial Intelligence.

Manage your customers

Add all your customers to Skeybot to provide an array of services!

Stylish Customer Portal

Let your customers interact with amazing conversations, view all your invoices, apps and services, connect with you in digital spaces & more

Multiple Platforms

Skeybot can connect with your website, Website, WhatsApp & more all at the same time to handle all your conversations..


Send AI Responses

Provide automatic answers to your user queries by the power of Artificial Intelligence



Integrate Skeybot with your favourite systems via the integrations gallery.

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Wondering how a Chatbot can level up your business?

Why not let a human like chatbot handle your everyday repetitive customer chats and queries and you focus on important work and next big steps in your business?

AI & Machine Learning can help your business grow, by increasing your productivity, level up ROI, give faster responses to your customers, generate more leads & many more.

We know that every business is not the same, and a chatbot is not just enough!

That is why we built Skeybot - your one stop suite of business applications, not only limited to chats! Skeybot gathers intelligence about your business and can answer your customer questions automatically without training.

Structured & AI conversations

Skeybot's conversational flow can be easily designed through it's conversation builder.

This means you can create a conversation as you want. Ever seen how automated call centers answers your calls?

But there is one difference, Skeybot AI has the intelligence to answer your customer queries without having to train and design every step of your conversation.

Skeybot can do artistic and beautiful conversations with the help of the information that you provide. You can let Skeybot read your website or feed in some articles. Skeybot automatically scans and can answer any question based on this intelligence.

Integrated Apps

Skeybot is built with the mind to handle the world communications & everything that comes under the umbrella of communication.

That is why Skeybot has a Support Center module, your own customer Panel, Invoicing module, Customer Management Module, Products and Services Module, Data Forms Module (to create questionnaires, surveys and Appointments), Virtual spaces, Cpanel integration and many more! We are happy to add anything else if you wish!

Having an idea that you want to do with Skeybot? Let us know!
- Team Skeybot

All the tools you need

to manage your business online.

We understand that you work with customers and lot of communication and documents are involved. Skeybot can chat with your customers automatically just like how you talk.

Your customers will get a modern area to login and interact with you. You can send messages, deliver Apps and Services, Send Invoices and more all at the same place

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We do a lot to make Skeybot better!

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Skeybot has a monthly subscription. (cheapest chatbot charges in the internet!) You will get amazing free quota every month. Charges will apply when you exceed the free quota. Your sales representative can advice you on how you can minimize the cost and get the most out of Skeybot!

Skeybot has a Conversation Builder, Customer Management module, Products & Apps module, 3D Spaces module, Collections Module, Data Forms Module, Invoicing Module, Integrations and many more! We can even help add anything else you want!

We invest a lot of time designing a safe and secure platform. We use Skeybot internally in our products and Services. Therefore we know how important to have everything safe and secure. We do security and Vulnerability scans periodically. Skeybot is protected by the inbuilt security system and also via the third party systems.

Skeybot allows you to create unlimited collections of products and Apps. A collection can be plugged into a prebuilt AI model to provide a sales person experience.

You can add Skeybot to your website. Additionally, you can activate a modern customer portal for your customers to have a personalized experience. Skeybot also has embeddable buttons that you can use in your website. These buttons let your users to ask questions and explore more!

Skeybot comes with many prebuilt integrations. Additionally, Team Skeybot can assist to design and develop any missing integrations.

Contact us at [email protected] or through the Chat window in the bottom right corner to provide your contact details. Team Skeybot will reach you! Its all free to talk and design!

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